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"The Shadow Players is a unique opportunity for people to come together as a family and enjoy the arts." 



"We're a really nice sandlot of kids from all over that bond together , bringing each of our talents and experiences to form a unique company. it's always impressive to see what we create."



"Being a part of the Shadow Players gives each person the chance to shine in ways that they might not have the opportunity to otherwise. I discovered strengths of mine I didn't know I possessed."



"The plays are the best weeks of my summer and even though we work hard, we have so much fun on set and off."




The Shadow Players are always looking for new talent onstage and behind the scenes. We are a company of approximately twenty-five people, with an average age range of 16 - 26. The Shadow Players is a group dedicated to challenging ourselves individually and as an ensemble to create quality theatre that is heartfelt and authentic, but most importantly fun.


As our company expands we look for people who:



Are in high school or college (age 14 and up).

Our company is dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to find and explore a love for the theatre. We use this age range as a guideline but if you have any interest at all in being a part of The Shadow Players, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill out a recruitment form using the link below.


Have a cooperative outlook.

The Shadow Players are first and foremost a team. We expect all of our members to be able and willing to collaborate and work together to achieve company goals. We find that what we create as a group is even more amazing than what we try to accomplish on our own.


Have a positive work ethic.

Being a part of this group is fun but also a lot of work. Each year we strive to attain a level of excellence that surpasses the year before. We hold ourselves to a high standard and in doing so, create something very special for our audiences and ourselves. We look for new members who are passionate and excited about creating theatre.


Are open-minded and willing to try new things.

The Shadow Players were built upon offering opportunities for people with an interest in theatre who wanted to try something new. We do not look for experience or ability but instead enthusiasm and a willingness to grow.










If The Shadow Players sounds like the group for you, please fill out a Recruitment Form by clicking the button below!

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