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Our Mission

The Shadow Players is a continually growing theatre company that provides people who have an interest in performing arts with the opportunity to come together as an ensemble to explore all aspects of the theatre and continue their love for the craft.


The Last Geese of Autumn, 2015

Photograph by Nikki Gravatt Gorski

Founded in the summer of 2008 by a group of Maryland high school students, The Shadow Players began as a way to continue doing shows together over the summer and to explore new areas of theatre. After a surprising success with William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the company came together the next summer to premiere their first original production: Huzzah! An Evening of Mirth and Merriment Celebrating Americana by Patrick Perkins. The Shadow Players became popular thereafter for producing comedic works with the added element of audience participation, a common practice in classical theatre.


In 2011, the company experienced its first major shift. The Shadow Players were no longer restricting themselves to one show each summer but instead began to produce theatrical seasons consisting of multiple productions. The Shadow Players now produce an average of three productions per season - one in the Spring, Summer, and Winter.


The second major shift in the company began in 2013 with the Summer production of Restless Souls by Patrick Perkins. With a company consisting of practically all new members of vastly different ages and a consistently growing audience, The Shadow Players ventured into more dramatic works than in previous seasons. With a resoundingly positive response to this production, The Shadow Players have continued to produce plays of both a dramatic and comedic nature.


The Shadow Players remain dedicated to creating opportunities for people to come together, try something new, and to share their love of theatre with each other and their community.


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