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Written by Erin Perkins

Directed by Erin Perkins & Shannon Perkins

July 30th - August 1st at 8pm & August 1st at 3pm

August 2nd at 3pm (Dinner Theatre)

In a library in a small town in America, ideas pass back and forth through its doors every day. But in the summer of 1918, an idea 70 years in the making walks into the library and takes root in the hearts and minds of the community: women should have the right to vote!  In the midst of a close mayoral election, Moira, the town's librarian, is faced with the choice of maintaining the peace in the town she loves so much or disrupting it to give others and herself a voice they've never had. As the heat of summer rises, so do the passions and tensions of this small town and everyone is faced with the choice: which side of history will they be on?